Tentacles? Tentacles.

So one of the great things about knowing how to make things is that you can make things you otherwise couldn’t afford. For example, animal-themed jewelry.

Fortunately, I have some gold paint and sculpey on hand for various creations.

For this project you will need:

Jump rings,

Some sculpey,

A straight pin,

And sharp knives.

First, pinch and roll the sculpey into a carrot shape.

Save your excess and roll it into a skinny sausage. Later, you’ll cut this into little discs for the suction cups.

Using your sharp knife, shave one side of the sculpey carrot.

Think of this as like peeling the skin off a carrot, if you enjoy thinking of craft dough as food. One side will now be flat, like this:

Curl and twist your tentacle into a cool shape. Really have fun with this one. Using photographs for reference will help.

Using your straight pin to pick them up, stick your little clay discs onto the the flat side of the tentacle in two rows. Use smaller discs near the tip of the tentacle, and larger ones near the base. This doesn’t need to be perfect, as long as it looks right to you.

If you want to attach your tentacle to a chain or finding later, add a jump ring by making a small slit in the base of the tentacle, partially inserting a jump ring, and pressing the hole closed gently. Adjust the shape of the tentacle and round out the suction cups as you like.

Now you can stick that sucker in the oven and bake according to the package’s instructions. Once it’s fully cooled, paint it if you like and enjoy.


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