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Tentacles? Tentacles.

So one of the great things about knowing how to make things is that you can make things you otherwise couldn’t afford. For example, animal-themed jewelry.

Fortunately, I have some gold paint and sculpey on hand for various creations.

For this project you will need:

Jump rings,

Some sculpey,

A straight pin,

And sharp knives.

First, pinch and roll the sculpey into a carrot shape.

Save your excess and roll it into a skinny sausage. Later, you’ll cut this into little discs for the suction cups.

Using your sharp knife, shave one side of the sculpey carrot.

Think of this as like peeling the skin off a carrot, if you enjoy thinking of craft dough as food. One side will now be flat, like this:

Curl and twist your tentacle into a cool shape. Really have fun with this one. Using photographs for reference will help.

Using your straight pin to pick them up, stick your little clay discs onto the the flat side of the tentacle in two rows. Use smaller discs near the tip of the tentacle, and larger ones near the base. This doesn’t need to be perfect, as long as it looks right to you.

If you want to attach your tentacle to a chain or finding later, add a jump ring by making a small slit in the base of the tentacle, partially inserting a jump ring, and pressing the hole closed gently. Adjust the shape of the tentacle and round out the suction cups as you like.

Now you can stick that sucker in the oven and bake according to the package’s instructions. Once it’s fully cooled, paint it if you like and enjoy.


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Fabric scrap earrings: For when feathers are too mainstream.

I'm wearing a shirt with the sleeves pushed down. It didn't match.

I made these using scraps from a ribbed, tie dye t-shirt, and a broken necklace. For earrings like these, get some ear wires, 18-gauge wire, any long, jagged fabric strips, and two pieces of chain. Stack the fabric scraps in a manner you like and poke your 18-gauge wire  through the top of each strip. Make a short loop for hanging, and wrap the wire a few times around the fabric, tucking the loose end of the wire underneath. String the chain onto another piece of wire, and add your fabric tassel onto that. Stick the whole thing on the end of an ear wire, and repeat.

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If liking it means you should put a ring on it…

… I must really like my right hand. Heh.


I have been playing with wire and hot glue quite a bit lately, and thought the results were worth sharing.

I found a ring base design on one of many, many fashion blogs, and will link to it  when I find it. It used a flat wire spiral and a loop of doubled-over wire. I will link to it when I find it. I would suggest using a marker or other round object the width of your finger for sizing.

For the bell ring:

  • Get a bell ball. There should be plenty around at the end of December in craft shops. If necessary, rip one off a cheap drugstore toy your dog ripped apart.
  • Before finishing the ring base, string the loop at the top of the bell onto the wire. Adjust the bell to the front of the ring.
  • Close it up, and add a bead of hot glue to the bell loop where it meets the ring base.

For the spike ring:

  • Make a loop at the end of some unbent wire. After bending the wire into a ring the right size for your finger,  bend the loop outward. Wrap the remaining wire around the loop in a flat spiral.
  • Get a two-pronged hollow cone stud ready.
  • Cover the spiral part of the ring base in hot glue, and quickly stick it into the cone. Add more hot glue if necessary, and bend the prongs around the ring base.

For the dolphin ring:

  • Get a charm from a store, or harvest one off a broken necklace. Remove any loops or jump rings.
  • Using very thin wire, connect the ring to the base.  Try to show as little wire on the outside as possible.
  • Shock of shocks, the next step is to add hot glue.

For all rings, metallic paint is useful if your metals don’t match. It can also disguise visible glue. Let dry (I mean it) and spray with clear coat. I would avoid putting on your rings before the glue is cooled, regardless of how excited you are about them.


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